Thursday, October 4, 2012

Pondering a Miracle

People often ask me to compare pregnancies, which I appreciate because that's often the only time I stop to think about it. The demands of a toddler have kept the time moving forward at warp speed, and I haven't been following the progression of What to Expect fruits, but it sure feels like this baby went from fig to pumpkin overnight. Still, I have managed to find quite a few differences this time around. 

The morning sickness was much better, but the physical discomfort of the last few weeks has been worse. The bladder control issue is definitely new and I change my pants at least once a day. My cravings have switched from hash browns and fried foods to applesauce and fresh fruit (which has kept me about ten pounds lighter, quite the bonus). This baby is a lot more active, and I'll be shocked if I make it to my due date without some kind of internal injury.

Yesterday I was snuggling in bed with Reese when the baby started distorting my stomach into the oddest shapes. I took Reese's hand and pressed it against my belly. The baby pushed out against her little fingers. She smiled up at me, whispering, “Mommy, there’s a baby in there.”

Her hand lingered on my skin. The same hand that once pressed out from the inside now rested on the outside, perfectly formed and belonging to a flawless little body and a beautiful mind. Created by us and our love for each other. Created by God and His love for us. And soon we will be blessed with another child, equally perfect, equally reflective of the depths of unconditional love.

My gaze shifted from the intermittent protrusions from my abdomen to the toddler at my side. It's still so unreal. I can feel the baby's kicks and see it's movement. I can hear Reese's giggles and hold her in my arms. Yet a part of me still questions the possibility of it all.

I hear that no matter the gender, no matter the number, every pregnancy is completely different from any other. Judging by my experience thus far, I would be tempted to agree, but one thing always remains constant...

From the double line on the plastic stick to the bright lights of the delivery room.

From the very first flutter of life to the toddler running laps around the kitchen table.

From the feeling of a tiny hand pushing out from the inside to the sight of that same hand now resting on the outside.

The awe.

The wonder.

The miracle.

Of life.

Of love.

Of motherhood.

This is a Bigger Picture Moment.
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  1. Wish I could relate! My hubby & I are still TTC. Pregnancy is a miracle indeed and I'm so happy for you that yours is progressing well!

  2. So beautiful and true! You have me in tears over here. I truly wish that my son was old enough to understand there's a baby coming just like your daughter does.

    Praying for you and your family as you wait for your little blessing to come. :)

  3. Such beauty here in your words and the scene you painted for us of the miracle taking place. I can't wait to see that little one on the outside. :-)

  4. " It's still so unreal."
    Yes... even still, I find that this whole entire motherhood thing seems unreal. Like, how on earth can I be so lucky, to have brought these two little ones to life? HOW??" :) Beautiful words, lady.

  5. Ahhh...sigh. This is so beautiful. These lines- "Created by us and our love for each other. Created by God and His love for us. And soon we will be blessed with another child, equally perfect, equally reflective of the depths of unconditional love." -are my favorite. With our littlest one due to arrive any day now, this has been on my mind a lot lately and I love how beautifully you captured it with your words. Also, I can't remember if I've visited here before and read how far along you are?

    1. I'm 37 weeks, but my doctor seems to think it could be any time now, so our bags are packed and we're just waiting. Such an exciting time! Best wishes to you in the smooth arrival of your new little one too!