Monday, October 1, 2012

My Kind of Budget

It’s Saturday morning. Two steaming mugs of coffee and an apple juice sippy cup rest on the patio table while a happy toddler chases bubbles. Matt and I pass the bottle back and forth, seeing who can blow the most bubbles with a single dip of the wand. We have no time limit, no agenda. I live for these mornings.

And I am beyond thankful that these days are not few and far between. This is a typical Saturday. This is our lifestyle – one of the many reasons I chose to stay home. The groceries are bought. The house is [relatively] clean. There are no errands to run, no bills to pay. My days are filled with diapers and coupons and bills (oh my!) so our evenings and weekends can be filled with snuggles and bubbles.    

At times, this life is not easy. We sacrifice a lot to have it this way. Our kids may never go to Disney World or have a fully paid college education. Christmases and birthdays are small and the gap between what we want and what can afford is often big.

All around me I see people taking vacations, refurnishing rooms, upsizing, upgrading. And it is tempting – oh, so tempting – to join the race.

Until Saturday comes again and I sip coffee with my husband and blow bubbles for my daughter with no time limit, no agenda. Because everything else is already done and there is nothing left to do but relax and be thankful that we may have to budget our money, but at least we're not short on time.


  1. YES. Exactly. I live for those mornings, too. Beautiful!

  2. I also struggled with my financial status before. I’m paying for mortgage and for my various credit cards. I was really not good at budgeting until it came to the point that I needed to learn. After my wedding, I lived with my husband who wanted a table of all our expenses and budget. Well, at first he was the one who did all those things, until he told me that having a good budget will help us in paying our debts. Well, he was right. I’m glad that I have a nice budgeting scheme now and I can enjoy the weekend bonding with my family.