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I'm a psychologist by education, writer by nature, and stay-at-home mom by choice.
My very first post sums up my journey into the world of mommy bloggers, which began with a need for something - anything - to call my own in a life spent nurturing others.

Blogging became that outlet, stirring up a long-dormant passion for writing and sending me on a self-reflective journey toward the healing I didn't know I needed, the purpose I didn't know I lost, and the God I didn't know I abandoned.

My goals with this project are to live in this space as an open book, to be a champion of imperfection, and to place the ordinary moments of a simple life against the backdrop of a bigger picture and a higher purpose.

Currently, I live in central Illinois with my very patient and supportive husband, Matt, and my daughters, Reese (born May 2010) and Allie (born October 2012).

Here are some of my most popular posts to help you get to know me and my writing a little better:

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Want to chat for real? Email me at lisahurley2008@gmail.com. Most of my daytime conversations revolve around puppets and play doh. Adult interactions are always welcome.

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