Monday, December 10, 2012

Kid Logic: Cute Stories from the Mind of a Child

Reese just turned two and a half last month, and my favorite part of this stage has been watching the development of her language skills. It seems like she finds new ways to express herself every day, and I am amazed at her ability to learn and remember new concepts and words. I love the way she pauses in deep thought as she tries to reason through various aspects of her world, and her responses in those moments are often creative and downright hilarious. Here are just a few of my favorites from the past few weeks….


We were getting ready to leave the grocery store and she asked why she had to buckle up in the car. I said, “Because it’s very dangerous to ride without a buckle and if we get stopped by a policeman, mommy would get in trouble.”

The next time we got in the car she said, “I have to wear my buckle so mommy doesn’t get a time out.”


She looked out the window and saw a rabbit perched up on its hind legs and said, “Look, mommy! A kangaroo!” 


We were playing with alphabet magnets and I held up the letter R.

“R is for Reese.”

She looked confused and handed me the letter U.

“No, this one is for Reese.”

“Why is that one for Reese?”

“Because you say, ‘This is U.’”


We were at a friend’s house and she was having a hard time sharing the toys. Every time her friend touched something, Reese would cry and say, “No that’s my ball!” or “No, that’s my doll!” Finally her friend got so frustrated that she gave up trying to play with Reese. She sat on the couch and started singing, “Old McDonald Had a Farm….”

Reese interrupted her and said, “No, that’s my song!”


She and I went to get haircuts together. When Matt got home, he asked her what we did that day. She said, “We went to the hair doctor.”


Ok, this is my all-time favorite moment, and it doesn’t even involve my kid, but I have to share it…

On my mom’s 40th birthday we all went out to dinner. At the time, my two younger brothers were four and five. During dinner, my mom shared the story about her 30th birthday and how my oldest brother started crying and said that he was afraid she might die soon because she was so old.

We all laughed but my five-year-old brother looked confused and asked, “Why did he think you would die?”

The four-year-old chimed in to explain, “Because back then people only lived to be thirty.”


What funny moments have you shared with your kids?

Leave a comment here or follow the link to the facebook page and tell me your story along with the age of your child (I will change names to protect identity). I’ll share more from Reese and other readers in future “Kid Logic” posts.


  1. One day Eden and Livi were being loud and wild and weren't listening to Kellie and I. My husband walked in and said "You girls are driving your mommy's crazy." Eden, age 2 at the time, said "but we are too little to drive."

  2. My favorite is when Bobby wanted the cat in the house. Our cats had to stay outside because of my allergies. I told him he could bring it in but he has to hold it. The cat cannot walk around the house. He agreed. He was watching tv and holding the cat. I got busy with dinner. Next time I came in the room, he was playing video games with both hands on the controller. He had taped the cat to the floor with huge pieces of scotch tape. When I gasped he so innocently looked up and said but you told me he can't walk around the house. He was almost 3 1/2.

  3. When I was about 7 my mom had a car accident and my younger sister was in the car. Fast forward about 4 weeks and my sister was acting up at a friend's house, got scolded and started pouting. I chimed in with, "she hasn't been the same since the accident..."