Thursday, August 23, 2012

Just Nine More Weeks...

My weekly pregnancy countdown has finally hit single digits and with my third trimester now in full swing, I have decided that I am definitely more uncomfortable this time around: round-the-clock trips to the bathroom; waddling like a penguin; trouble sleeping; roundhouse kicks to my rib cage; karate chops to my bladder; restless leg syndrome (which I assure you is a real thing); acid reflux; exhaustion; constant hunger; shortness of breath; the summer heat (which I narrowly escaped last time with a September to May pregnancy) turned out to be every bit as brutal as I've heard; and here's the latest one...

Sneeze. Squirt.

What was that?! Yikes! Am I leaking fluid?

I ran to the bathroom. False alarm. It's definitely not fluid. It's pee. Wonderful. I'm peeing my pants now too. Add it to the list. Surely, my first pregnancy was not like this.

Just nine more weeks, I reminded myself as I headed to the bedroom to change my pants.

On my way out, I stopped to make the bed. I moved Shamu out of the way (Shamu is Matt's name for my body pillow) and brushed a few stray granola bar crumbs into my hand. So much for my "ok, maybe I do crinkle my wrappers, but I don't leave crumbs" argument. I suppose Matt's request that I eat my midnight snacks in the kitchen is valid.

Just nine more weeks.

I returned to the kitchen where I struggled to empty the bottom rack of the dishwasher and couldn't reach the back of our lower cabinets.

Just nine more weeks.

The baby stirred inside me, probably trying to tell me to stop all the bending and reaching. With one hand on my belly, I stood completely still. Another kick. Then another. There is a person growing inside me.

Maybe that's why I don't remember being this uncomfortable last time. I never got far enough past the awe of the miracle taking place inside my body to notice anything negative. The kicks weren't annoying. They were amazing. The discomfort didn't seem terrible because I welcomed it as a part of this magical process.

Somewhere during the last few weeks, the tone of my countdown changed. I stopped counting the way I did toward my wedding day and started counting like I was heading for my last day at an awful job. I got so caught up in the discomfort and inconvenience that my focus shifted away from the bigger picture of this process and its end result.

There is a person growing inside me. A real, live person with his or her own unique features, personality traits, and gifts for the world. A person I will get to hold in my arms and call my son or daughter. A person who will pry open another hidden chamber of my heart and remind me that love at first sight is absolutely real...

... in just nine more weeks. 

This is a bigger picture moment.

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  1. I love your shift in perspective as you slowed down to take in your moments with gratitude instead of irritation -- that's hard to do in the midst of discomfort and hormonal influxes! Your heart on this is lovely, Lisa.

  2. It is a miracle indeed! (Even if it doesn't always feel like one...) Nine weeks probably sound like a long time, but they will pass, and pretty soon, you'll have a beautiful babe in your arms and it will have been so worth it. Sending hopes that your pregnancy continues smoothly and safely and the delivery quick!

  3. I can't believe you're that close already! Enjoy the last few weeks, it will be here before you know it!

  4. Oh, it really is such an amazing miracle. After three pregnancies I never did get over the wow-factor of those kicks! Loved reading this!

  5. Nine more weeks :) It really is amazing how a baby grows in such a relatively short amount of time! Though, honestly, I marvel more at what my body did after the fact than I did during the last few weeks of pregnancy... I had a hard time with that shift. So glad you have made it!

  6. Beautiful! I know those last weeks are so, so hard...but it will all fade away the minute you see that precious baby :)

  7. Bless you for seeing the gift instead of the inconvenience.