Thursday, May 17, 2012

25 Ways Motherhood Changes Us Forever

It’s Third Thursday Blog Hop time again, which is just one of many reminders in my life that the months go by too fast. The topic for May is, “How has motherhood changed you?” Becoming a mom tops the list of life events that resulted in permanent changes to my identity, attitude, world views, and outlook on life. Today’s challenge is finding a way to sum up those changes while doing justice to the topic and keeping my long-standing commitment to brevity. So without any drawn out explanations (which I shouldn’t need anyway because I know you all get it), here is a randomly ordered list of 25 ways motherhood has changed me forever…

1.      I will never again underestimate my ability to do anything.
2.      I actually want to exercise, eat right, and recycle.
3.      I believe in fairies, magic, and Santa Claus again.
4.      I can’t watch news stories where children are the victims of crimes, tragedies, or terminal illnesses without shedding a tear.
5.      I no longer need an alarm clock.
6.      I found greater joy in simple moments.
7.      I learned that when moms say they would walk through fire for their kids, it’s absolutely true.
8.      I am less afraid to die and more afraid to die for different reasons.
9.      I am fearless where I was once afraid and afraid where I was once fearless.
10.  I can say, “look, honey, a butterfly!” with genuine fascination.
11.  I discovered that I am still beautiful without mascara, heels, and push-up bras.
12.  I finally choose comfort over style when picking out shoes.
13.  I discovered that mommy’s kisses really are magical.
14.  I look at those perfectly formed fingers and toes and I know there is a God.
15.  I care less about reaching my personal goals and more about helping my kids reach theirs.
16.  I have more patience than I ever thought possible.
17.  I don’t feel like a loser when I go to bed early on the weekends.
18.  I stopped judging other parents based on their children’s public tantrums.
19.  I’d rather shop for baby clothes and toys than new purses and shoes.
20.  I cherish every minute of my alone time.
21.  I learned that very few areas of parenting have true right answers and trying to find them will drive you crazy.
22.  I appreciate simple things like showers and hot meals.
23.  I discovered that life really is too short and time really does go too fast.
24.  I lost friends I didn’t really need and reconnected with ones I never should have lost.
25. I finally understand the concept of unconditional love.  


  1. I love your list. Funny how our priorities completely shift after having children!

  2. So true about the alarm clock and shopping for them! LOVE this list!

  3. Lisa, I LOVE your 25 ways that motherhood has changed you! Thank you for sharing!

  4. Oh, Lisa, this list makes me smile, laugh, tear-up. I could say "dido" to nearly all 25 of your points. LOVE them all- especially #11! Wish we could swap stories over a cup of coffee. I have a feeling we'd be fast friends :)